Cabin Insurance

cabin insurance

There is nothing quite like getting away for a weekend (or more if you’re lucky!) at the


Almost as important as using that special getaway place is making certain that it is
properly insured! Here at Booth Burnett, our qualified staff takes the time to ensure that
you have coverage tailored for your specific needs. (and nothing more)

If your cottage is more like a “home away from home”, your insurance needs may go
well beyond the limited coverage typically available for cottages.

Here are some Important Points to Consider About Your Cabin Insurance

1. You will want to insure the contents of your cabin/cottage.
2. Get coverage for other buildings (sheds, boat houses, gazebos, guest cabins, etc.).
3. Docks, piers and boat lifts can also be covered.
4. Boats, motors, ATVs, skidoos and other toys can be insured as part of your overall protection.

In addition to ensuring your property and contents are covered, you want to make certain that you have Liability insurance to protect you and your family against unforseen circumstances. An innocent accident can turn into a legal nightmare and you want to make sure you have the proper coverage.

cabin insurance from ken

At Booth Burnett, we make sure you fully understand your coverage as well as the associated costs. You will be able to sleep comfortably at night knowing that you are properly insured.

We can advise you on the best way to insure your secondary home or cottage by adding it to an existing policy or insuring it separately on a Seasonal Home Policy.

Call us and have one of our brokers get you pricing and customize a policy for your exact needs.

Here are some Final Points About Your Cabin Insurance

1. Put all co-owners or joint owners on the policy.
2. If the cabin is rented out, the insurance agency must be informed.
3. Get enough coverage for totally rebuilding the cottage from scratch. The cost may be a lot higher than expected for water access and remote access properties.
4. Boats can be added as separate “rider” on your insurance policy.
5. Don’t underestimate the replacement value of your property.
6. There can be significant savings by increasing your deductible by as little as $250.
7. Take advantage of all available deductions: monitored burglar alarm, claim-free, senior citizen.
8. Account for unique risks like wildlife damage, snow and ice damage, and fallen tree damage.
9. Make sure to add “fire fighting expenses” as part of your overall protection.